How to make Order?

Please refer the below content.

1. Click "DECANT Order" and search for the item by "product name" or "model number"  and put it in the order

1. 点击"手动订购"后,通过"商品名"或"商品号"搜索商品并下单。

2. Download the selected product's "Order sheet" in Excel format by downloading the selected product's 

2. 弹出"下载Excel表格"按钮,下载所选产品的"ordersheet"表格。 

3. If you enter the order quantity in column L of the downloaded order sheet, 

the total amount of orders in column M and N is automatically calculated, and the price is changed according to the exchange rate of the day. 

3. 打开"ordersheet"表格,在L列中输入订购数量后,将会自动计算M列和N列的总订购金额,并根据当天的汇率确认大概的付款金额。 

4. If you click "Write" on the "Manual order" bulletin board and upload the Excel, 

the manager in charge will contact you after checking the order within 3 hours.

If it is out of stock or if there is a later delivery, we will send you the revised Excel file again, so please check and confirm the order! 



If you have any question, Feel free to ask our manager via WeChat!